Sunday, January 04, 2009


Dave Prior has a good blog post about mash-ups for project management here.

I was thinking about Dave's post in church today. Our church does what they call a
white stone ceremony on the first Sunday of each year. The idea is 2000 years old and comes from when prisoners were release; they were given a white stone to show they've been freed. There's a verse in Revelations that talks about "on the white stone is written a new name" (Rev Ch 2 V 17). So during our church ceremony we write down a word that represents our new self for the new year.

So the word I came up with today was "mashup." The reason was based on Dave's blog. It's more than pulling in different ideas at work. I want to pull the different parts of my life together. I want to take what I learn in my volunteer work with PMI and bring it to work, I want to do presentations that are based on my blog and how my philosophy can be applied to running projects. So here's to a year of mash-ups.

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