Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Top Six

What are your top 6-12 goals for next year? Have you thought them through? If you're like a lot of people, one goal is to lose weight. But is that it?

On my list is to get more speaking engagements. I'm going to do more active marketing, submit more proposals to big events such as PMI's global congresses, and then make sure I'm thoroughly prepared so I give good presentations and can get references. I have 1 confirmed even on my calendar and 3 tentative events. My target is 6 events for the year.

So having a set of goals is more than just a list of high level things. For each goal, you should plan out a set of actions to accomplish that goal, complete with dates. Then throughout the year, on a weekly and monthly basis, identify what actions you have to achieve your goals. Don't be one of the crowd that joins the health club in January and by the end of March is no longer going (but still paying the membership fees).

If you're interested in some of my other New Years Planning activities, refer back to last year's post here.

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