Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Post Modern PM

Dave Prior has an interesting post in his blog, DrunkenPM talking about the Post Modern Project Manager.

The quote I liked was when he talked about a project manager "Getting past the point where you consider one approach to be the “one true way”, and on to a place where you see each approach as viable and important"

Just as each project is by definition unique, we need to think about how we approach each project, rather than trying to shoe-horn a standard approach every time. It might be waterfall or agile or spiral or somewhere in between, we need to figure out the best way to get it done.

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George Pitagorsky said...

"The truly effective description acknowledges its limitations. It defines where the performers’ expertise must come into play to make appropriate decisions to address the needs of their situation.
Projects are complex, ... . Complex processes do not lend themselves to simple straightforward definitions. An effective definition must address process subtleties and provide appropriate space for flexibility and creative adaptation.
The more complex the
process, the greater the need for expertise and flexibility."
from "The Zen Approach to Project Management: Working from Your Center to Balance Expectations and Performance" by George Pitagorsky, 2007.