Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Morning Routines

I’ve come across a number of articles lately that have talked about the importance of a good morning routine (like this one), so I have been trying to practice some of these techniques.

One practice is to start the day with meditation, not checking any electronic devices. I'll admit, sometimes when I'm working from home I'll turn on the TV while making my morning coffee before heading up to the office, but I don't start responding to email first thing in the morning.

Another recommendation is to journal. Your mind is the most sharp in the morning so that is not the time to waste responding to emails. Instead figure out what your top two or three priorities are and try to get those accomplished first thing in the morning. Journaling can help you figure out where to start your day.

I have also found that I can change my evening routine to be more productive as well. I find when I'm traveling and staying at a hotel, that if I skip the TV and put on music instead, that I'm more focused and get more work done.

So is it time to change up some of your routines?