Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I was out on vacation last week. My son and I traveled to Utah for a week of climbing and hiking. It was a week away from email, conference calls, and status reports…very refreshing. The picture is from Lake Blanche in the Wasatch range.

I'm continuing to read The Five Keys to Mindful Communication. I came across the idea that in order to be open to listening to others, we first have to be able to listen to our self through meditation. "Relaxation is the key to mindfulness practice…" 

When someone comes to you, are you ready to listen to them? Can you stop what you're doing and focus on them? One practice I developed back when I worked in an office was if someone came into my office, I would stop what I was doing and focus on them. I wouldn't continue to type on the computer. I'd put my magazine or report down. I'd listen.

Listening is an active process. By taking time to meditate, we learn to quiet our own mind and listen to ourself. That gives us the ability to quiet our mind and listen to someone else when they come to us. A good vacation can do the same thing, bring you back to the office ready to listen. Have you meditated or taken vacation lately? Maybe you're overdue.