Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Second Internet?

A recent Gartner report warns CIOs that they need to pay attention to how new technologies such as blogging and podcasting can impact business. Read about it here. On a related note, podcasting was recently added to the New Oxford dictionary.

So is podcasting really a business tool of the future? I recall one project I was on where we provided verbal status updates every few hours during an implementation. At that time, we were limited to voicemail. Our system let us set up a voicemail distribution list. The update would be recorded and sent to everyone on the list. Now with podcasting, this same approach can be done in a podcast.

This stuff might be fun to play with for those of us who consider ourselves techies, but what about those outside the techie arena? I've worked with some sales & marketing folks that were pretty technically capable, I could see them using these new tools. I've also worked with folks that were pretty technically challenged (you know the type; "where's the 'any' key?"). Are they going to be left behind?

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