Friday, October 15, 2010

PMI Central Iowa PDD

I was going thru conference withdrawal after leaving the PMI Global Congress on Tuesday, so I headed up to Des Moines for the Central Iowa Chapter's Professional Development Day (actually, I was invited to speak). As compared to the PMI Global Congress, this was much smaller (about 350 attendees compared to around 3100). However, the organizing team did a good job of recruiting some pretty good speakers.

The opening speaker was Kevin Hall. His talk focused was titled "Transforming Your Purpose Through the Power of Words" which is based on his book Aspire. One of his words that I liked was "genshai" which he defined as never treating someone in a manner that makes them feel small.

The other speaker I got to see before I spoke was Lisa DiTullio, who talked about career resilience for project managers. One of the points she made that stuck with me was the idea of self-promotion. How are you promoting your accomplishments in your organization?

In all, a good way to wrap up the week. Next week, it's back to business with a few new tools in my toolkit...or as Stephen Covey would say, I've spent some time sharpening my ax.

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