Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I am listening to the audio book of Seth Godin's latest work, Tribes, which you can still get as a free download from I have been a fan for a long time and this book is true to form.

The book is about leadership. We can all be leaders for what we believe in, even if we're not a formal leader in the organization. We just have to believe in what we're doing. The idea that takes off is the one with the most fanatic supporter (the heretic is what Seth Godin calls him/her).

"The only thing holding you back is your own fear" is what he has to say. There isn't a right way to lead, the key is to decide to lead and not manage.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Bob,

Seth Godin is inspiring. I especially enjoyed his recent post Be careful who you work for. Can't wait to crack open this new book, Tribes.

Thanks for the post!