Tuesday, April 08, 2008

A Winning Team

Last night, the local university, University of Kansas (KU), won the college basketball championship in breath-taking style. Now I didn't go to KU, but plenty of people around here did, and even folks like me that aren't big basketball fans or KU fans were still watching last night's game and cheering on the winning team.

So what makes a winning team? Having a common goal helps, especially when things get tough. KU had 3 losses late in the season that must have made them question if they could achieve their goal. That's where good leadership comes in to keep the vision alive.

Teamwork is also important in reaching the goal. Everyone has to understand their role as well as the other team member's roles and they have to be able to communicate effectively among themselves.

So how's your team doing? Do you have a common goal to guide your actions? Is everyone aware of how their piece fits into the big picture? When you reach your goal, do you take the time to celebrate? The streets around KU were sure crazy after the game last night.

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