Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Eighth Step - Right Concentration

The last step in the Eightfold Path focuses on concentration, which leads to meditation. Meditation is part of most religions, but can meditation be applied to work?

I have a problem solving technique I use that falls in line with this step. When I have a problem that needs a creative solution, I start by reviewing the information I have on the problem. I'll then retreat to a quiet place and get comfortable. I take some time to quiet my mind by concentrating on my breath. When I've cleared all my thoughts, I then start reflecting on the problem. Do I have the right problem identified or is there more to it? Do I understand the root cause of the problem? What are the options?

I usually find the answer isn't far away, I just needed some quiet time to figure it out. At this point I head back to my desk and start working on the solution.

So that's the last of the Eightfold Path and its relation to project management as I see it. I don't know what I'll write about next, I'll have to reflect on it for a while.

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