Wednesday, May 21, 2014


I haven't had much of a chance to write any posts lately. I've been on a project that has left me little time for other things, but on this Sunday I decided to take a step back.

There was a learning in Daniel Pink's The Adventures of Johnny Bunko; "persistence triumphs talent."  I had a boss that taught me this early in my consulting career, that putting in your 40 hours of billable time wasn't enough. It's the consultant that goes back to their hotel room at night and keeps working that is the one to get ahead. 

But where's the balance? Is there such a thing? Are we going to hit a wall at some point and decide we've had enough?

I believe that by getting away, it makes us more productive when we're at work. You need to have habits that take you away from work and lets you recharge. I'm a competitive runner/triathlete. It can be hard to get as much time as I want to train, but I do what I can. I don't head on a business trip without my running shoes.

Vacations are also important, again, getting somewhere where you can forget about work for a while. Last summer I spent 5 days climbing in Colorado. I pushed myself pretty hard physically but I sure didn't think about work and when I did get back to the office, I was recharged.

So if you're at work, work hard. Go beyond what is expected of you. But know where your next release point is.

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