Thursday, October 11, 2012

Are you good enough?

I'm currently reading Different Work by Bas de Baar and Lori Kane. It's a set of stories about people that have found work that they love to do. The fourth story is about an interesting couple. The husband has moved away from corporate life and is now a one-man consulting shop. The wife is an artist. One quote from the wife really stuck with me;

A lot of my energy had gone into worrying about not being good enough, instead of strengthening my abilities. 

Do we spend too much time worrying about how good we should be? How often do you really spend thinking about what your strengths are rather than worrying about what your weaknesses might be. Maybe you are in the wrong job, how do you know? There were a few bullet points at the end of the chapter that I think can help;

  • Start with what you're curios about
  • Pay attention, notice where your energy is, and trust that energy
  • Move farther away from work you don't love

Have you had a job where you didn't think you fit in? You felt drained from work, not invigorated? You didn't even want to get up in the morning? I was there once. It took a layoff to get me to move in the right direction. If you need multiple alarm clocks or hit snooze to many times in the morning, maybe you need to start looking for a new job that's a different work where you don't have to worry about being good enough.


Focus On Training said...

I will have to order a copy of this off amazon. That you for the recommendation.

Scott said...

Thanks for the heads up on the this! Seems very interesting.