Tuesday, January 03, 2012


I am working in Iowa this week. Today, Iowa is the center of the universe…or at least the US.  For those that don't follow American politics, the Iowa Caucus is the first stage in selecting the candidate that will run against President Obama in November. Winning here is a good first step on a long journey.

How is your project political campaign going? Are you on course to win the election? While a political campaign is a type of project, most project managers have to handle politics as a part of getting the project delivered. A good project manager knows to pay attention to their stakeholders and figure out how to resolve conflicts between parties. They can respond effectively to a negative campaign and win the popular vote.

Ignoring politics can be a mistake. A project can easily be derailed by someone that has the right influence with the right person. This doesn't mean you have to stoop to the level of a mudslinger, but you should at least be aware of the impact they can have on your project.

So after today, Iowa will fade as the political campaign moves on. Good luck in the elections.

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