Friday, June 04, 2010

Re-imagine your failures

I read an interesting concept today. This come from US Snowboarder Shaun White. He said that when he doesn't succeed with a maneuver, he watches the video, then he imagines the scene but instead of failing, he succeeds with the move.

Think about this. You had a meeting or conversation with a colleague that didn't go how you wanted. What could you have done to make it come out the way you wanted?

I find I'm challenged when I have to give constructive (ie, negative) feedback to a team member, the conversation doesn't always go the way I want. If I practice Shaun's advice, future conversations should go smoother and I can get my gold medal!


doodge said...

And what's the outcome from that thinking? You will know what not to do next time. Maybe you will also know what to do next time in the same situation, but what is the probability, that te same situation will happen?

Bob Tarne said...

I think the bigger picture is that in order to do something you have to envision it in your mind first. That's the idea behind this technique.

nish said...

Really Appreciated to you for this post

Karreman Family said...

Hey doodge, you already mentioned it. David Allen calls it "outcome thinking" in his 'getting things done' book. Visualize the success that you're looking. Build a picture of the outcome that you envision, be it a perfect golf swing (zen & golf) or the weekly team meeting. I'm trying to apply outcome thinking/visualization and it does helps to get into a more positive, constructive, results oriented mode. It seems the body can only perform what the mind has imaged.