Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Personal Branding for Project Managers

I came across a blog post by Dan Schawbel on personal branding trends for 2010 that I found interesting. If you haven't read Dan's Personal Branding Blog, you should take a look.

The quote that stuck with me was this;
You will be judged on voice, not just your resume
Most people judge others by their resume. A resume is an account of what you’ve accomplished in the past and an attempt to show a prospective customer what you’re capable of in the future. Sorry to say that a resume won’t be powerful enough to build your brand in 2010. In addition to all that work experience and all of that credibility you’ve built up, your online conversations will be just as valuable. If you don’t blog or comment on blogs or at least update your status on social networks, then you won’t be perceived as a valuable contributor. Your opinions and thoughts is what people will want to hear in 2010 and beyond, not just previous projects that get outdated really fast.
When I was interviewing for jobs back in 2008, the company that hired me told me they looked at my on-line brand. I had gone through a series of interviews, included a day at the company. It was after they went and read my blog that they decided to make me an offer. This trend will continue to grow. How is your on-line brand?

One topic I’ve touched on when doing public speaking is personal branding. Back when I got my PMP certification, that was something that made me stand out. Now, it’s expected that any project manager will have that. What are you doing to make yourself stand above the crowd? Have you thought about other certifications such as ITIL or Six Sigma or Scrum Master? Having said that, don't chase after other certifications just to add letters to your name, go after those things you are passionate about. In my case, I've always been involved in process improvement, so Six Sigma made sense to me. However, I look at the new Scheduling Certification from PMI and have no interest in that. As an agile guy, the thought of building complex schedules is not something I care about.

So for this year, set a couple branding goals for yourself. Start a blog, get tweeting, write some articles for other blogs...something to show your passion for what you do.


Immortality said...

Good connection. I look at certifications as a way of documenting my experience so my PMP, ITIL, CCNP are all practiced and applied and that's why I got them.

Bob Tarne said...

Thanks for the comment. I think the certifications you have help paint a picture about you which can help when looking for work or engaging with new clients.

Lee Ee Leen said...

good post
definitely relate to the point about personal passion

Mariposa said...

Hi Bob, I saw this coming. With that said, I have a new blog which I hope to start seriously soon,

Hope all's well with you.