Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What are you waiting for?

I watched a video earlier today of a friend of mine jumping out of an airplane as part of a skydiving group. I'll admit skydiving isn't high on my list of things I want to do, but I admire him for doing it. He isn't a young guy either, he's a retired Army Colonel (did you say thanks to a vet yesterday?).

So are there things you've thought about doing but haven't gotten around to for whatever reason? Why wait? Think about the worst outcome, is it that bad? OK, so skydiving could turn out bad, but they have a lot of safety precautions.

It's only by accepting risks that we can also achieve greater rewards. I remember when I turned in my paperwork to leave the Navy. It was risky since I didn't have a civilian job offer at the time. However, I landed on my feet. I wouldn't be where I am today without having taken that first step.

Running projects can be the same. Risks can be opportunities to exceed the goals of the project. What risks can you take on to achieve a higher level of success?


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Mariposa said...

Well, I did bungee jumping before, and was supposed to do skydiving then I had cold feet! LOL

You're right, risk equals opportunities...and they say no guts no glory! But then, complexities in life sometimes do limit our options or should I say, make us heisitant to consider options...worst, make us fail to see options. I honestly wish I have the same guts in walking away a project/ employment as I used to years back...yet amazingly, way then, I was also gettting better offers!

Ok..ok...let me get back to my feet and find that gut again!


Thanks for the knock!