Thursday, May 22, 2008


So what's the culture like at the place you work? Is it focused on the success of the company, or individuals? Do people work well together or is there friction? What have you done to make the culture better?

I worked in one organization that started to rank employees as part of the annual performance evaluation. The people ranked high got raises, the ones at the bottom of the list were at risk for loosing their jobs. This made for a very competitive workplace (i.e., backstabbing). I am glad not to be there anymore and as I was looking for a new position, I asked about the culture and how they handled performance reviews to make sure I didn't get into the same boat again.

At my current company, they took the time as part of the on-boarding process to talk about the culture of the organization, and it wasn't just an HR person reading off a set of slides. It was one of the VPs that had been with the company and could talk to how the culture has evolved over the years. This step keeps the culture evolving in a positive manner so that the company continues to be successful.

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eye_create said...

Hi Bob, when you say ranking I take it that it is publicly displayed to encourage staff to better themselves.

I see it as an immature approach and something you do in Schools. In the professional field of Project Management which I'm in (Project123) and in past organizations its unnecessary.

After a certain period of time, it just takes good judgment on the managers behalf to analyze who performs well and then determine their salaries accordingly.

I would say that system would cause some friction within the workplace.